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Anonymous donation, via Mr Frederick Wilkinson, about October 1996 (first registered 16/05/1997).

Physical Description

Made in two pieces, of black-painted wood. The main section is cylindrical with nine annular grooves near one end to aid grip. Just in front of the foremost groove a handle is attached at right angles by a stainless steel, cross-headed screw passing through the main section. The handle is of circular section and of varying diameter, shaped to the hand, with twelve annular grooves to aid grip. The end of the handle retains the mark of attachment to a lathe.
Condition on acquisition: some small areas of dammage to painted surface, otherwise good.


Dimensions: Length: 610 mm (24 in) Weight: 0.38 kg (13 oz)


Places America


Made by Monadnock Lifetime Products Inc, P.O. Box B, Route 12, Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire 03447, U.S.A. A photocopy of a 1992 catalogue of this firm's products is on the inv. file, though all those of this type illustrated are of plastic or aluminium.
Introduced for some British Police forces from the 1970s (verbal inf. from Fred Wilkinson, June 1997). Similar weapons are still in use by some forces at June 1997 (e.g. British Transport Police).