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Gift from I Bottomley, presented 19 May 1999.

Physical Description

Cast broad head of triangular form, with pierced sunk panels in the heavy blade, providing a heavy reinforced point and narrow cutting edges that terminate in sharp barbs. The socket progresses into a long, round, slightly tapering tang. The tang has a slight area of loss/damage at the end, leaving a jagged edge.



OverallLength269 mm
HeadLength40 mm
HeadWidth23 mm

Inscriptions and Marks



Places China/Asia


Due to the quality of the moulding and the fact that the tang appears to be cast from bronze like the head, it seems to make sense that this arrowhead was probably produced during the Warring States Period (Eastern Zhou); by the time of the Qin Dynasty and the Han Dynasty, arrowheads were still often made from bronze, but the tangs were often iron, as the use of iron and steel became more widespread. If this arrowhead is the subject of metallurgical analysis in the future, this may disprove this visual assessment and dating. See Yang Hong, 'Weapons in Ancient China' (Science Pres New York, 1992) for other excavated examples and analysis from Shang, Zhou and Han tombs.