Object Title

Swagger stick with dagger

Swagger stick with dagger



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Presented 21 January 1999. Formerly deposit A.0430/3.

Physical Description

In the form of a dark-brown leather-covered wooded swagger stick, probably with metal (tin?) re-inforcement at the ends which widen slightly. The leather has two slightly raised bands approx. 90 mm (3 1/2 in.) from the top and 75 mm (3 in.) from the bottom. The two parts of the stick separate part way along the former raised band: the shorter part is mounted with a dagger blade and the longer half serves as the scabbard. The narrow, parallel-sided, single edged blade has a 78 cm (3 1/16 in.) long ricasso and is double-edged for 75 mm (3 in.) from the spear point. The end of the 'grip' nearest the blade is slithgly recessed and mounted with a metal (tin?) washer which fits snuggly inside another washer mounted on the top of the 'scabbard' and extending a short distance beyond the mouth.


Dimensions: Whole: diameter: approx. 21 mm (0.85 in.) Grip and blade ('dagger'): Overall length: 382 mm (15 1/16 in.), Blade length (exposed): 270 mm (10 5/8 in.), Blade width, by 'hilt': 12 mm (0.45 or 11/32 in.), Main part of stick ('scabbard'): Length: 335 mm (13 13/16 in.) Weight: Grip and blade ('dagger'): 70 g (2 oz), Main part of stick ('scabbard'): 50 g (2 oz)



Ian Bottomley is of the view (15/09/99) that North Africa is the most likely place of manufacture: the stitching is not in the European manner and the the leather does not look Indian (a source suggested at the time of the initial deposit in the museum).
X.1565 is of the same type, though longer and better made, and therefore less certainly non-European.