Object Title

3.7 in saker

3.7 in saker



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Purchased at Christie's, South Kensington on 16 July 1997

Physical Description

The barrel is twelve sided and is of slender form. The sides taper from the forward foot of the base ring to the aft edge of the muzzle swell. There is only one reinforce ring three inches behind the muzzle and consists of one astragal flanked by two fillets. The muzzle is composed of several rings which increase in diameter as they tend toward the end of the gun. The central upper surface has a cast tudor rose emblem surrounded by garter and surmounted by a crown. This emblem appears along one quarter of the length of the gun from the base ring


Dimensions: Overall length: 106 in


Serial Number None visible


3.7 in

Inscriptions and Marks

'Henricus Octavus' John and Robert Owyn Made This Pese Anno DMI 1543 D (This letter has crude crown or diamond attached to its top.) 15q 54l (there is a number 5 crossed out next to the 54l) 1500 cwt is the English weight on the base ring. Beneath the Spanish weight measurement there is possibly a makers mark, which comprises an A and a three separated by a small diamond with an extended point facing the muzzle

Bibliographic References

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