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Bequeathed with other items by Peter Allen Holt.

Physical Description

Head of steel consisting of a broad spike of flattened diamond section (concave sides) with a bulbous moulding at the base with the remains of cross-hatched decoration. Below the latter two langets, 255 mm (10 in) long, extend down the haft and are each attached to the haft by three rivets. The top of the haft stops short of the junction of the tops of the langets and a separate piece forming the hammer head and back spike, is secured in the resulting gap. The hammer head has three claws, the end of each of which has two spikes, one larger than the other. Behind the claws, round three sides of the neck, there is a raised moulding decorated with cross-hatching. The back-spike is of triangular section but with a raised ridge in the centre of the lower side: its top edge curves down.

The wooden haft of octagonal section has probably been shortened. The top two thirds of the haft are reinforced with round-headed nails.


Dimensions: Overall length: 1093 mm (43.25 in), head length (with langets): 453 mm (17.8 in), head length (without langets): 217 mm (8.6 in) Weight: 1.7 kg (3 lb 12 oz)


Places Europe


The following modern were removed and retained on file:
On back-spike: self-adhesive label 'TC 178'.
On haft, near base: self-adhesive label: '5' - probably a collection reference number.