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Detached wheellock lock

Detached wheellock lock



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Purchased from the estate of A.R.Dufty, former Master of the Armouries, of 46 Trafalgar Court, Farnham, Surrey, 1995. Bought by him at an antique shop in Brussels in 1955. Formerly AL.1

Physical Description

The flat iron lockplate was originally intended to fit flush into the stock. The wheel is contained within the lock and there is no circular boss, simply the spanning spindle projecting from the lockplate. The surface of the lockplate is engraved with a landscape, including elements of a fortified town, hills, lakes and trees. In a small lake on the right are three water birds swimming, in the centre beneath the spindle is the figure of a hunter with a gun over his shoulder and a dog at his heels, while in a lake on the left a stag and doe or hind are being pursued by two dogs.
The principal technically interesting feature of this lock is that the pyrites is contained in a small pair of jaws at the end of an iron rod contained in a tubular iron chimney formed on the end of a pivoting arm. There is no separate pan cover, the square base of the chimney performs this function. When the lock was fired the chimney seems to have been intended to take the priming smoke and flash away from the shooter's line of sight.
The interior of the lock shows a rather small and relatively thin wheel recessed into the inner face of the lockplate. The ends of the mainspring and of the v-spring controlling movement of the chimney's arm, and the bridle plate all have small elements of engraved decoration.


OverallLength205 mm


Serial Number None visible

Bibliographic References

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