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Flintlock muzzle-loading carbine - By Woolley, Sargant and Fairfax

Flintlock muzzle-loading carbine - By Woolley, Sargant and Fairfax



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Purchased at auction from Butterfield & Butterfield, San Fransisco, USA. 15th October 1996, lot 3181. Previously in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History. Acquired from the Collection of Charles Bremner Hogg Jackson.

Physical Description

Military style lock with a ring-neck cock and incised lines, the tail is stamped WARRANTED and beneath the pan WOOLLEY/SARGANT/& FAIRFAX.
The carbine is fully stocked to tack a socket bayonet and is fitted with a steel ramrod, a single pipe and a tail pipe. The triggerguard is plain and is fitted with a steel sling swival as is the forestock. The side plate is of of plain brass as is the buttplate which is stamped on the tang 10. Beside the triggerguard are two small circular stamps in the shape of a Maltese Cross and behind the srewplate is stamped a W.
The barrel is browned and retained by pins, also it is stamped with the Birmingham view and proof marks.
The carbine bears a strong resemblance to a military Pattern 1796 Carbine of Musket bore.
It is associated with bayonet XXII.247 A, B


Dimensions: Overall length: 43.75 in (883 mm), Barrel length: 28.25 in (718 mm)


Serial Number 10


.710 in



This Chest of Arms consistes of twelve Hangers, twelve carbines, twelve pistols and twelve bayonets.