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Returned from loan 114. Transferred from III.968.

Physical Description

It has a shallow cut-out at the neck, shallow arm openings and a medial keel terminating in a triangular facet just above the waist, which has a flange that deepens to point in its centre. The neck, arm-openings and waist flange have plain, inward turns, accompanied by numerous pairs of small holes for attaching a missing leather edging. The edges are bordered by twenty-eight brass rivets of large round-headed form. The rivets are fitted with large, roughly cut, circular washers retaining fragments of a fabric lining band. At either side of the chest is riveted a mushroom-shaped brass stud, to engage the shoulder-straps of the backplate. An additional hole has been added next to the neck opening in line with the medial keel. To the left of the keel is a two centimetre long dent. Mounting brackets have been screwed to holes at each arm opening. Transferred from III.968: 'The neck, arm-openings and waist-flange have plain, inward-turns, accompanied by numerous pairs of small holes for stitching on a missing leather edging for the attachment of a lining. The edges are bordered by brass rivets.'


Dimensions: Height 36 cm ( 14.2 in ), Width 31.5 cm ( 12.4 in ) Weight: 3.49 kg ( 7 lb 11 oz )

Inscriptions and Marks

An 'I' is stamped on the left side below the arm opening.


Places Britain


According to 'Additions to the Armouries After 1916'III.962-1022 are sixty Breast and backplates (Life Guards) Transferred from III.968 for earlier previous locations see III.968.Re-accessioned in 1997 on return from loan.