Object Title

Metacarpal lame

Metacarpal lame


about 1840

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Found in the clearance of the Tower 1996

Physical Description

For the left hand, it is embossed for the tendons and knuckles with re-enforcing flutes at each side. The rear edge is decorated with irregular serrations. A D shaped buckle is riveted to the right hand side. Two other rivets remain on the right hand side neÓar the rear corner, flushed to the outside and retaining a fragment of leather. There are two rivet holes at the corners on the right hand side and three holes on the left hand side, two at te top corner and one at the bottom corner. Rusting shows where the lame overlapped withthe next lame down the gauntlet. There is a small crak following one of the embossed ribs on te left hand side. It was probably made by Grimshaw.


Dimensions: width 10 cm ( 3.8 in ), depth 7 cm ( 2.75 in ), height 4 cm ( 1.5 in ) Weight: 0.055 kg ( 2 oz )

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Places Britain