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Purchased 28 February 1997. Formerly Deposit A.278.

Physical Description

Of lacquered leather, decorated with gold lacquer. It is made of a single main piece of leather, folded at the bow string edge, and joined at the double curved edge to a narrow leather gusset with sewn seams and originally by eight brass headed rivets of which seven survive. At the top corner is a large iron boss, inside which is attached a modern leather suspension loop. The decoration comprises a border of interlocking Y-shaped geometrical scales within bands of key fret, with a central panel of two sinuous dragons, one running from the bottom corner up to the centre, the other winding along the top edge before descending to confront the other dragon, all on a ground of scrolling foliage. The leather is somewhat damaged and the design quite difficult to make out.


Dimensions: Overall length 610 mm, overall width 365 mm Weight: 650g

Inscriptions and Marks

No marks.

Bibliographic References

D La Rocca, Warriors of the Himalayas, rediscovering the arms and armour of Tibet, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 2006: 97-100, no. 26


One of a series including the quiver XXVIB.141 and arm defence XXVIA.279.