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Chest of arms

Chest of arms



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Purchased at Auction from Butterfield & Butterfield, San Fransisco. 24th October 1996, lot 3181. Formerly in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History. Formerly in the collection of Charles Bremner Hogg Jackson.

Physical Description

Hangers and Scabbards: IX.5413 - IX.5424
Musketoons: XII.11037 - XII.11048
Pistols: XII.11049 - XII.11060
Bayonets and Scabbards: XXII.238 - XXII.249


Bibliographic References

within the chest.'.

of chest); other text refs and illus. are detailed under the individual weapons.


The history of the Birmingham companies in which the Woolley family were prime movers is very complicated. The relevant evidence is summarised in Lankester and Rimer 1998, pp. 83-84. From this it can be concluded that the arms in the chest are unlikely to date to before 1828, probably date to before about 1830, but could be a little later.
he weapons are valued in one with the chest under this record.