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15 pr shell and fuze - 15 pr Mk. II Shrapnel

15 pr shell and fuze - 15 pr Mk. II Shrapnel



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Purchased with four other shells on 26 February 1986.

Physical Description

The shell is of forged steel with a copper driving band and a gun metal threaded socket. The head is held on by 6 twisting pins and 6 flush steel screws. The shell is brownish in colour.
Vertically on the side is stamped: 13.4.96 - 4/96. On the base around a central hole is stamped: 15 PR II / EOC. Stamped one on each side of the hole is F/S (this stands for forged steel).
There is screwed into the top of the shell a fuze, which consists of numerous parts and is made of brass. It is classified as FUZE, TIME AND PERCUSSION, No.56 MARK IV. It is stamped EOC IV, No.622. (For further information on this fuze see 'Treatise on Ammunition', 1905, p.82.


Dimensions: Height (with fuze): 11in, Height: 9in, Diameter 2.9in, Diameter of fuze: 1.5in Weight: 6lb 12oz


Places Britain