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Physical Description

Blade marked 'For the Tower'


Dimensions: Overall length: 1050mm; Blade length: 878mm

Bibliographic References

T. Richardson and G. Rimer, Treasures from the Tower in the Kremlin, Moscow, 1997, cat. no. 22, pp. 70-71 (col. illus. - gen. view, and det. hilt and base of blade), 178 (b. & W. illus. - det. hilt and top of blade) - 'English, mid 17th century'.

F. Wilkinson, Those entrusted with arms..., London, Greenhill Books and Leeds, Royal Armouries, 2002, p. 60, fig. 5.2 (hilt and half of blade).

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General information on the this pattern has yet to be extracted from the Publications and other information cited above and in the STAR entry (which has not yet been properly extracted). The following swords in the Royal Armouries are of the same general pattern (essentially defined by the hilt): IX.207-213, IX.216, IX.3585 (no side knuckle-guards), 3586.