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Sword - Munition sword

Sword - Munition sword



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Physical Description

Black iron hilt comprising two shell guards, the inner smaller than the outer from which a guard to the back of the hand curves up to meet the flat pommel: the flat knuckle-guard has a swelling near its lower end; a scroll guard formelry linked in the centre of the knuckle-guard with the shell-guard outside. Small rear quillon.
Straight two-edged blade inscribed with a mark on each face and FOR THE TOWER





BladeLength879 mm
OverallLength990 mm
OverallWeight680 g

Inscriptions and Marks

City of origin mark
Running wolf of Solingen
Aresnal mark
[for dots] FOR THE TOWER [for dots]
Each side of blade

Bibliographic References

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General information on the this pattern has yet to be extracted from the Publications and other information cited above and in the STAR entry (which has not yet been properly extracted). The following swords in the Royal Armouries are of the same general pattern (essentially defined by the hilt): IX.207-213, IX.216, IX.3585 (no side knuckle-guards), 3586.