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5.5 in gun - 5.5 in Blakely RML

5.5 in gun - 5.5 in Blakely RML



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Mr.R.Hill, The Coalhouse Fort Project,East Tilbury, Essex.

Physical Description

Designed by Alexander Theophilius Blakely this barrel is of a composite nature. The inner mass of the piece is cast in one piece of plain form with shouldered trunnions. There is no perceptible muzzle swell and the cascable ends in a square pierced loop aligned vertically. There are four wrought iron hoops shrunk onto the breech leaving 12 inches of the rear end of the breech uncovered. The lack of reinforcing at the rear of the gun caused severe problems for the users of Blakely guns because it was a source of weakness on firing. It was demonstrated that they tended to fracture just after the rear of the wrought iron strengthener. The gun was constructed in 1862 and it may be that it was meant for the Confederacy during the American Civil War, although as yet there is no proof of this


Dimensions: Overall length: 91 in, Muzzle diameter: 8 in, Trunion diameter: 4.5 in


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5.5 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Blakely Patent N69, Fawcett Preston & Co.,liverpool Makers 1862(On breech jacket).N69 (on left trunnion)