Object Title

Knife and scabbard

Knife and scabbard



Object Number



Amnesty 1996 (North Yorkshire Police)

Physical Description

Knife: The heavy hilt is formed from a single piece cast in white metal, possibly german silver or paktong. The elongated oval crossguard is cusped to form a circular terminal and two additional lobes on each quillon. the grip area is recessed on each face and fitted with two staghorn scales held in place by four white metal rivets. The edge of the grip in line with the cutting edge of the blade is slightly swelled to form a finger grip, and the plain rounded pommel is slightly offset towards the same edge of the grip. There is no visible method by which the blade is attached to the hilt. The back strap of the hilt has many small indentations, suggesting that it has in the past been used as a hammer. The forward quillon is slightly bent towards the blade. The stout single-edged blade is spear-pointed and has a false edge running back from the point for a little more than half the length of the blade. The blade shows signs of having been somewhat rusted along its back edge and later rather crudely polished and sharpened. On its left side the blade is stamped with a small Maltese cross over a six-pointed star, adjacent to; JOSEPH RODGERS & SONS/ CUTLERS TO THEIR MAJESTIES/ No.6 NORFOLK STREET/ SHEFFIELD.

Scabbard: Of black leather, with stitched seam down centre of inner face. Rounded white metal chape with cusped upper edge, attached to the body of the scabbard by two small rivets. Plain white metal locket, the lower edge cusped in a similar way to that of the chape. At the back is a spherical pierced stud, attached to which by a white metal ring is a white metal swivelling hook with a sprung hinged closure.


Dimensions: Overall length, knife and scabbard: 300 mm (11.75 in), overall length, knife: 290 mm (11.40 in), length of blade: 178 mm (7 in), width of blade at hilt: 28 mm (1.10 in), length of scabbard: 190 mm (7.45 in) Weight: Knife: 355 gm (12.5 oz), Scabbard: 100 gm (3.5 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Maker's name - see above.


Places Britain


A similar knife, by the same maker, is illustrated in Richard Washer, 'The Sheffield Bowie and Pocket-knife Makers 1825-1925', Norwich 1974, p. 170, bottom. Although different in blade shape and some other details the grip is of the same form and construction, the scabbard mounts have similar cusped edges, and a similar form of maker's stamp is used on the blade. The author dates this and some associated knives by this maker to about 1880. See the Inventory file for copies of the relevant pages from this source.