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Knife and scabbard

Knife and scabbard



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Given by Portfolio Studios (Section V) Ltd [Mr Steve Collins], Portfolio Bulidings, Station Road, Furness Road, Stockport, Cheshire, SK12 7QA, c. 1996 (registered 25 Nov. 1996).

Physical Description

Short, hook-shaped, single-edged blade with wide tang (shaped to match grip) and chisel-edged rectangular protrusion at opposite end, pierced for the lanyard. Grip formed of two blackened wooden scales, shaped to the hand and secured by two countersunk bolts passing through the tang.
Of black leather, shaped to the blade, stiched and reinforced by two copper studs. with long flap made to extend up behind grip, to fold over the end of the grip, and then be secured to front of scabbard by a spring stud. A separate strap with a pop stud is slotted through the inside of the flap the secure the knife. A belt loop is stiched to the outside of the flap. All metal mounts are blackened.
Of coiled, expandable black plastic with loops at either end and attached to the knife by a spring clip.
Condition on acquisition: as new, with some minor wear to blackened surface coating of blade and oof pin of spring stud of sheath.


Dimensions: Knife: Overall length: Blade length: Blade width (by hilt): Blade width (max. actual, not between parallels): Scabbard: Overall length (flap extended): Overall length (flap closes): Max. width: Lanyard: Overall length (without expanding): Weight: Knife, with lanyard: 220 g. (7.75 oz.), Scabbard: 120 g. (4 oz.)

Inscriptions and Marks

On the belt loop (embossed): 'PORTFOLIO' and 'DEC-95'.


Places Britain


A knife of this type is illustrated in Portfolio's promotional leaflet, 'Very Special Services' (copy on inv. file), inside centre right.