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Smatchet and scabbard

Smatchet and scabbard



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Physical Description

The hilt comprises a guard of flattened oval shape, a rounded rectangular-sectioned wooden grip attached with rivets, and a non-ferrous metal beaked pommel, attached by three copper alloy ritvets and pierced for a lanyard. Leaf-shaped, double-edged blade, the tip broken off.
Kakhi canvas scabbard (lined with fibre board), stitched up sides with two copper alloy rivets at the top. A broad suspension strap is stitched to inside near mouth with the male half of a copper alloy pop stud in the centre. A narrower strap, fitted with a copper alloy pop stud (the female half missing), is stitched to the suspension strap to secure the smatchet in the scabbard.
Condition on acquisition:
Only fair; blade has extensive surface rusting and tip missing; scabbard worn through at tip and stained; surface corrosion to copper alloy rivets and studs.


Dimensions: Smatchet: Overall length: 40.0 cm (150.75 in.), Blade length: 27.1 cm. (10.7 in.), Scabbard: Overall length: 35.1 cm. (13.8 in.), Width: 9.6 cm. (3.8 in.) Weight: Smatchet: 750 g. (1 lb. 10.5 oz.), Scabbard: 215 g. (7.5 oz.)

Inscriptions and Marks

On the inside of the pommel, stamped: broad arrow over '5'.


Places Britain