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Acquired from Hampshire Police, knife amnesty 23/01/1996.

Physical Description

Consists of a blade concealed within a metal case which is faced with wooden scales. The scales are secure to the outer face by five rivets each side, the fifth rivet at the rear end behind the hand serving to fasten a metal suspension loop. A collapsible metal spike folds into one side of the sheath, hinged near the rear of the handle. A leaver operates a spring catch or release mechanism which frees the blade when held groundwards, and by force of gravity the tip advances from a slit opening in the forward end of the knife-case. This end of the handle next to the lever forms a bullnosed, bulbous guard or block to protect the user's thumb or fingers when the blade springs out in descent and is operated single-handed.

The blade is polished bright and has a single edge and spear point.


Dimensions: Overall length, blade extended: 25.7 cm. (10.0 in.), Blade length: 10.1 cm. (4.0 in.), Case length, blade concealed: 15.6 cm. (6.1 in.), Blade width, at ricasso: 2.2 cm. (0.875 in.), Blade width, 2 in. from guard: 1.9 cm. (0.75 in.) Weight: 290 g. (10 1/4 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

On handle (scratched): 'T. HARE'.On base of spike; a stylized eagle, being the Waffenampt or German military acceptance mark.


Places Germany


X.1561 is another example of this model of knife.