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High explosive bomb

High explosive bomb



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Private donation

Physical Description

An aircraft carried bomb, comprising a steel casing and separate tail assembly. The casing has had all explosive removed, and an inert fuze assembly is fitted. The filler plug accompanies the bomb, (XVIII 468 D) but has been removed. There are traces of original green paint on the bomb, and the aluminium fin assembly still has traces of red paint, denoting a thin cased, HE type. A bomb carrier mechanism for mounting the bomb to an aircraft is attached, (XVIII 468 E) as is the fuze charging head (XVIII 468 C) fin whistle (XVIII 468 B) and fuze pocket, which contains dummy picric acid pellets (XVIII 468 A )


TailLength625 mm
TailWidth285 mm
HeadLength630 mm
HeadWidth180 mm
BombWeight55 kg


Places Germany


This bomb was recovered from a school playing field in Hertford in 1942 by Mr Lewis, who was then a Bomb Disposal Officer. This pattern of bomb was designed for use from dive-bombers and would have been dropped by either an Me Bf110 or Ju88.