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Percussion muzzle-loading military rifle-musket - Pattern 1853

Percussion muzzle-loading military rifle-musket - Pattern 1853



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.577 in

Inscriptions and Marks

numbered on tang: 52 'VIII' carved into ramrod recess. Butt plate stamped '58', '16'. Stock at butt stamped '2' plus there is a double circle stamp with 'Pimlico 1881' in between and in the center a crown with a downward arrow and 'W' 'O' on either side. The stock on the opposite side of the lock is stamped 'J. Pepper'. '?R' in stock behind tang. Lock exterior stamped 'Crown with 'VR' below, '1855 Tower', small crown with downward arrow, crown with '17' below plus an indistinguishable mark. Hammer stamped on under side crown with 'B' '4' below. Lock interior stamped 'J.Brazier', crown with 'B' '6' below, 'RH', '4' 'ú', 'S', 'a' plus two indistinguishable marks. Below the barrel in the stock is marked '\ | |', crown with 'B', '14' below. 'R. Heacock', 'P' with '14' below, 'W75'. Underside of barrel; 'Drakin', 'F', '1', 'r', 'VIII', '| | \', '1', '1', 'a', 'a', crown with 'B' '24' below, '990', 'RH', 'H & S', 'A', 'B', 'SW75'. Base of tang, 'RH'. Side of tang '92', '1' over '14'. B


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