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Percussion muzzle-loading double-barrelled rifle - By John Manton and Son

Percussion muzzle-loading double-barrelled rifle - By John Manton and Son



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Formerly on loan to the National Army Museum from the EMD Trust. Purchased by the Royal Armouries on the 4th of August 1994.

Physical Description

Conventional forward locks, with sliding safety bolts at the rear. The hammers have conventional dolphin-head and scroll engraving, with very fine 'wheat-ear' borders. Both lockplates have fine wave-form borders panels of foliate scroll engraving, and the name Jno.Manton & Son. Patent. The right lockplate also has a lion standing amongst palm trees, while the left has a leopard crouching. Unlike other Jacob-related rifles half-cock is in the usual position, with the hammer about half-way between rest and full-cock, rather than much closer to the rest position on top of the nipple.
The half stock is chequered at fore-end and wrist. The rear rammer pipe has a finely engraved ornate pineapple finial, the cross-slide scutcheons of iron have fine wheat-ear and scroll engraving. The large blued iron spur type triggerguard has an ornate pineapple forward finial, the bow is engraved with two stags and a doe, the spur is strongly chequered and engraved with the serial number 12181,and the rear tang is engraved with foliate scrolls and chevrons. The long tang of the standing breech has is engraved with foliate scrolls, a wild boar, and a small oval panel bearing 'Lt.Coln.John Jacob'. Beneath the butt is an oval silver scutcheon bearing the arms of John Jacob. The right side of the butt has an iron patchbox, the lid engraved with a scene of a tiger hunt; an elephant in the background carrying a howdah containing a european hunter and a native carrying a spear. A tiger is hiding in long grass in the foreground. The heel of the iron buttplate is engraved with a tiger.
The round section barrels are of plain scelp twist and have lost all their original finish. The flat top rib is also of plain twist. The foresight is a long shallow bead , the rear end of which has a german-silver tip, and is mounted on an adjustable cross-slide. The backsights are a standing notch for 50 yards, with five folding leaves for ranges of 100 to 500 yards, and a large tangent sight 4 1/2 inches long, marked with ranges from 200 to 1700 yards. Above these ranges the charge weight of 2 1/4 Drs. is engraved, and on the other side of this leaf is 'Short L.T.Shells - 1 7/8 Drs.' The rear end of the top rib is engraved in script John Manton & Son. Dover Street. London.The underside of each breech is stamped with London proofmarks, the initials J.M and the serial number; 12181. Each breech hut is stamped on the underside with a viewmark, and on the hook with the serial number. Two tubular iron ramrod pipes reatain the rosewood ramrod, whose tip is recessed for ramming Jacob's explosive bullets. The bores are rifled with four grooves with equal width lands which are tapered to a point at the muzzle to ease loading.
The mahogany case has brass corners as usual, but also has two recessed brass reinforcing straps across the lid and the base. A brass disc in the centre of the lid is engraved with the Arms of John Jacob, and the recessed brass ring handle surrounding it is engraved 'Major John Jacob C.B.'The case is in quite poor condition, the lid being split along the grain from end to end and the green baize lining faded and moth-eaten. The trade label of John Manton & Son pasted inside the lid is badly stained and holed.
The case contains the following items:
Two rosewood ramrods with white metal fittings,
two leather-covered powder flasks with white metal mounts by G & J.W Hawkesley, five white metal nozzles for powder flasks (four adjustable, ranging from 1 3/4 to 3 3/4 drams, and one fixed one for 4 drams),
two bullet moulds for Jacob's winged projectiles,(both of iron and stamped E.HODGES, one for the solid projectile is engraved 'Ball 2 1/2 Diameters',2, and with the serial number 12181, the other, simply stamped 32, is for Jacob's explosive bullets. The handle for the iron plug to form the nose cavity has been replaced in its working life).
a patch cutterand several striped cloth patches,
a cylindrical whithe metal oil bottle,
a nipple key, a nipple seat cleaning tool, and a turnscrew,
white metal ramrod head and worm,
a circular tinplate box containing a large number of unfilled copper percussion tubes for Jacob's explosive shells, by Eley Bros.,London,
a small tinplate container of Joyce's percussion caps, No.21,
eight recently-cast unprimed explosive bullets


OverallLength1183 mm
BarrelLength767 mm
RifleWeight4850 g

Component parts


Serial Number 12181


.540 in (32 bore)


Places Britain


Similar to rifle serial number 12182, property of Mr. Arthur Dorst, of the Hague. See inventory file.