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Physical Description

German manufacture. Beaked steel pommel, slotted to the rear for the rifle-bar, and fitted with a leaf-spring catch attached to the grip by a screw, and operated by a button on the inside. Domed A-based reinforce around the tang above the knuckle-guard. Dished steel knuckle-guard, pierced to a rectangular slot for the sword-knot towards the pommel, broadening to form symmetrical bowl in front of the hand; almond shaped reinforce around the blade above and below the guard. Identified with concentric corrosion, February 2005.

Inscriptions and Marks

Pommel struck on inside: 1; crown over 7; on outside crown over S over 2 and indecipherable mark above spring catch, next to reinforce.Blade struck on outside: crown over S over 3; profile crowned head; on black of blade: crown over S over 18.


Places Britain