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Combat helmet cover

Combat helmet cover



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Presented by Martin Pegler Esq., Senior Curator, Weapons Department, 30 June 1994

Physical Description

A cloth cover for the outside of a combat helmet comprised of a skull, webbing and draw-string tie. The skull consists of two pieces joined together by a medial internal seam. One row of stitching is visible from the exterior. The main edge is inward turned, with bound edges and a single row of stitching that is visible from the exterior. Two reinforcing patches are stitched to the skull's main edge above the ear. The skull is of camouflage colouring.

The webbing is composed of two main vertical elastic strips. Both strips are stitched near the main edge, one at the front right and one at the front left, run over the top and are sewn at their corresponding opposite edge, crossing at the top to form an 'X.' Two horizontal elastic strips, one upper and one lower, are attached underneath the two vertical elastic strips with parallel, vertical stitching. The lower horizontal strip has one vertical reinforcing stitching immediately above the patches on the skull. Two pieces of webbing connect the horizontal strips medially, one frontal and one dorsal. The webbing as a whole has the appearance of a spider-web. It is a pale olive-green colour.

The draw-string tie is enclosed within the skull's inward turned edge. Two interior eyelets allow the string to escape the skull. The string is of a shoe-lace type with an over-under knot at each end. The ends have no visible protection against unravelling. The string is an olive-green color.

No visible damage.


Dimensions: Approx. Height: 24 cm (9.45 in), Approx. diameter: 30 cm (11.8 in)


Places Britain