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from store 9/5/94

Physical Description

Consists of a leather head-piece, nose band and two cheek pieces with six decorative chains joined to a central plate connecting the brow band to the nose band. Copper alloy keepers and decorative plates, of roughly shield form with floral patterns, are used throughout the piece. The buckles are also of copper alloy with floral design they however have extending scallop shapes at their ends. The reign is covered with black felt or velvet, the rest of the straps are plain leather also coloured black and show some signs of degrading. The straps have been secured to the decorative plates, buckles and keepers by means of rivets. There are two small sideways plates flanking one large central plate on the brow band connected to the decorative chains, as well as one remaining independent plate on the left side (the right one has been lost). The chains join at a central free-hanging plate, formed of two connecting fleur-de-lys with a central circle and floraly decorated petals. From the base of this plate three more chains extend to three more small plates affixed to the nose band, one centrally placed, from which the chain has become disconnected, flanked by two horizontal ones. The nose band terminates on the left side in a buckle and has a keeper, as does the reign at both ends and both cheek pieces at both their tops and bottoms. The cheek pieces also have upside down plates in the middle of their spans.


Places Britain


Associated with bit vi.220
The bridle is labelled vi.510 A and the rein vi.510 B