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from store 9/6/94

Physical Description

This bridle is made of leather straps with soft leather and/or suede coverings with metal thread decoration and bands. It is fitted with copper alloy buckles, keepers and decorative plates, the latter two with mounts for decorative stones which some still retain. It is composed of a headpiece with a brow band, two cheek pieces and a nose band. In a ddition to those buckles and keepers still affixed to it there are two loose sets which seem to have come from this object. The leather is badly damaged, degrading heavily. The stitching from the outer covering has come away, in some areas, exposing the actual straps. The metal work decoration is of homogeneous floral patterns throughout the piece, the central, large plate, one nose-band strap's plate and the keepers on the cheek pieces still maintain decorative orange stones. Most of the straps retain the small metal plates with central raised ovals, reffering to the stones in the larger plates, surrounded by the floral designs and crowned with a single scallop each.


Places Britain


the fragments are labeled alphabetically:
A-lower fragment, B-upper fragment, C-strap end, D-keeper, E-keeper, F-buckle, and G-buckle