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Purchased at auction from Christie's, King Street London, 26 October 1994, lot 146

Physical Description

The prod is covered with birch bark overlaid with paper (now incomplete) painted with a diaper pattern of numerous small dots and a pattern of scrolling vines along the centre of the front edge, all on a black background. It is retained by cords and fitted with an oval blackened iron stirrup at the front, also retained by cords. A straight beech stock swelling towards the middle and inlaid with shaped flat dark horn plaques (some damage) and with white horn along the top edge. The nut is of staghorn turning on a later cord pivot, there are two iron lugs for a cranaquin. The curved iron trigger-lever could be associated.

Featured in

Hundred Years War


Dimensions: Length: 790 mm; width: 690 mm; depth: 85 mm


It is very close in form and decoration to the crossbow of Count Ulrich V of Württemberg (1413–80), dated 1460, attributed to Heinrich Heid von Winterthur, active in Stuttgart (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, no. 04.3.36).