Object Title

Trident (trisula)

Trident (trisula)


about 1810

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Purchased 14 March 1994.

Physical Description

The head is formed of a central spike which screws into the haft, retaining as it does so the two outer spikes which are formed of a single piece of steel. The central spike has a flat, leaf-shaped head with a small armour-piercing point, and has a gold inlaid inscription. Below the head is a short section of steel rod, with mouldings at either end, and threaded for the haft. The outer spikes have diamond-section heads with lotus buds at their bases, and similar mouldings at the top of the U-shaped bar joining the two. The haft is formed of thin steel tube. At the top is a faceted section joined by a moulding to the main part of the haft. At the base is a longer faceted section, with a mushroom-shaped knop at the bottom, and a moulding cut with a nibbled upper edge at the top. The three sections of the haft are formed of steel sheet wrapped round a former and brazed up one side.


Dimensions: length 92.5 cm (36.5 in) Weight: 345 g (12 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Inscribed on the central point in gold inlay 'Nawab Muhammad Sa'adat 'Ali Khan Bahadur'.


Places India, Oudh


Nawab Sa'adat 'Ali Khan was Nawab of Oudh from 1798 to 1814. This small trident is presumably a processional weapon.