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Old Tower Collection. First accessioned by Valuation Team when found unnumbered on loan to 240 Sqn, RCT(V) (Loan L187), January 1994.

Physical Description

General Type Description: The blade has a small, leaf-shaped, triangular sectioned, hollow ground, steel head which is supported on a long conical socket (without langets). The bamboo haft has a buff leather sling secured by a white thong. (After 1883 a leather sleeve or 'protector' was fitted below the sling). The largely conical cast iron shoe begins with a short cylindrical section (without langets) before expanding to form a rounded flange below which it tapers to a rounded point. Variations, losses, damage, etc: no sling; protector present but worn and scuffed; no D-ring present. Small, modern nails in haft where sling formerly attached. Modern triangular pennon, coloured (horizontal stripes, top to bottom) blue, yellow and red - now MISSING (see Notes).


Dimensions: Length of head: 318 mm (12 1/2 in), length of shoe: 172 mm (6 3/4 in), length overall: 2737 mm (107 3/4 in)

Inscriptions and Marks

On shoe, stamped: 1.


Places Britain


For this pattern generally, see entry for VII.713, under Notes.
The modern pennon was recorded on the lance when it was first accessioned in January 1994 but was found to be missing when it was returned from loan in November 2006.
On return from Loan 187 there was a small, printed self-adhesive label attached to the shoe, reading '240 SQN / Sgt's Mess / SN [added in blue pen] 154'. This only just adhering, so was removed by PJL and put on inv. file.