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Old Tower Collection. First accessioned by Valuation Team when found unnumbered on loan to 240 Sqn, RCT(V) (Loan L187), January 1994.

Physical Description

General Type Description: The blade has a small, leaf-shaped, triangular sectioned, hollow ground, steel head which is supported on a long conical socket (without langets). The bamboo haft has a buff leather sling secured by a white thong. (After 1883 a leather sleeve or 'protector' was fitted below the sling). The largely conical cast iron shoe begins with a short cylindrical section (without langets) before expanding to form a rounded flange below which it tapers to a rounded point. Variations, losses, damage, etc: sling (whitened) and protector present; no D-ring. Modern rectangular, swallow-tailed pennon, coloured (horizontal stripes, top to bottom) blu white, red, blue, red, white, blude - the two red stripes narrow.


Dimensions: Length of head: 314 mm (12 3/8 in), length of shoe: 172 mm (6 3/4 in), length overall: 2750 mm (108 1/4 in)

Inscriptions and Marks

On shoe, stamped: 9L over 24; 6 over R (both characters deleted by a single horizontal stroke).


Places Britain


For this pattern generally, see entry for VII.713, under Notes.