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Found un-numbered in Ordnance Gallery, Jan. 1994 - see 'Notes'.

Physical Description

See notes.


Places Britain


This scabbard was displayed by the sword, IX.2123, when in the Board of Ordnance Gallery (dismantled Jan. 1994). However, that sword already had a leather scabbard which was not displayed and had been kept separately in store. The typed inv. entry (IBE) makes it clear that the scabbard in store was the correct one; this one (IX.5387) did not fit the description. The Ordnance Gallery label for IX.2123 (copy on inv. file) described the scabbard as 'associated' but gave no separate number for it. The scabbard displayed with IX.2123 was therefore given a separate number. Interestingly, it (IX.5387) fits IX.2206 - another sword of the same pattern - which was displayed next to IX.2123 in the gallery. However, the label for that sword made no reference to a scabbard; unfortunately there is no typed inv. entry for IX.2206 and the note on a sheet in the inv. binder (IBE) - in Guy Wilson's hand - also makes no reference to a scabbard.