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Percussion travelling gun - By Seetaram and Son

Percussion travelling gun - By Seetaram and Son



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Presented by the Trustees of the Wellcome Museum 1943.

Physical Description

This gun is fitted with a plain round barrel of twist construction that still retains considerable browning. Along the top it is engraved with the maker's name. At the muzzle is a slight flair that corresponds in diameter to the breech end. The foresight is of silver, mounted on a short spring that allows the sight to drop into a shallow depression when pressed downwards. At the breech is an angled breechplug fitted with a simple open sight and a percussion nipple in the rear angled face. The barrel and breech block screws into a cylindrical receiver containing a spring loaded sliding block in lieu of a hammer. At the rear is a folding trigger and a secondary lever. On the side is a small recessed catch whose function is not known. Extending from the receiver at another slight angle is a wooden rod with a hinged butt plate at the end. This can be braced in the correct position for shooting by a further hinged brace that screws into the underside of the wooden rod.

This gun is designed so that with the stock folded up, it can be slid inside the barrel of XII.1468, the folded stock being concealed inside the hollow stock of the latter. In this position, this gun can be capped and cocked through the apertures in the upper plate of the action body of XII.1468, and fired by the secondary trigger that pivots in the tail of the trigger guard.


BarrelLength800 mm


Serial Number None visible


.500 in (38 bore)

Inscriptions and Marks

Engraved on the barrel: Seetaram & Son Gunmaker to Hss, ULWAR


Places India


'Seetaram & Son'.
This gunmaking family of Seetaram is recorded as active in Alwar from the late 18th to the mid 19th century. The gun, together with No. XII.1468 was made during the reign of Maharaj Vineya Singh, 1815-1857. VALUED AS A PAIR