Object Title

Air rifle - Weihrauch HW 80

Air rifle - Weihrauch HW 80



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Presented by the Metropolitan Police

Physical Description

Full size hunting air rifle, with blacked metalwork, grooved alloy trigger with adjusting screw accessed via a hole in the trigger guard. Break barrel cocking, and protected foresight secured by knurled screw from the rear of the sight, the rear sight adjustable for range and windage, and spring loaded, also fitted with telescopic sights (Dragon Slayer 4*32 WA ) clamped to the top of the air cylinder which is grooved for this purpose. Automatic safety operates on cocking situated at the rear of the air cylinder, released by operating horizontally through the rear of the air cylinder from left to right, and painted red on the right hand side. Carved wooden stock with pistol grip ( chequered on both sides) and cheek piece on the left and a rubber recoil pad on the butt, stock a clear varnish finish.


Dimensions: Overall length: 45.75 in (1162 mm), Barrel length: 19.75 in (502 mm), Weight: 8 lb 10 oz


Serial Number 914345


.22 in _ (5.5mm)

Inscriptions and Marks

On the left side of the rear barrel flat is stamped HW 80/Made in Germany/Kal 5.5/ GB in a circle. On the right side is WEIHRAUCH/MELLREICHSTADT-BAY all within an oval. Beneath the barrel at the rear is stamped the serial number 914345, the front top right side of the stock comb is chipped


Places Germany