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Old Tower collection; probably Tower arsenal. First registered in Brick Tower Store, Rack 9J, 1987.

Physical Description

General Type Description: All brass, cast hilt. Pommel of various shapes (mostly globular, oval or egg-shaped). Knuckle-guard broadens to form slightly dished, heart-shaped shell around the blade, with two loop-guards to the outside of the hand. Short rear quillon, with disc-finial inclined towards the blade. 'Barley twist' grip. Curved or sligthly curved, single-edged blade, with a narrow fuller almost at the back, extending for the greater part its length.

Variations, losses, damage etc:
Pommel Type 5 - small, globular pommel, moulded above and below, with prominent tang-button. Type Specimen: IX.6813. This example has a plain collar at the base of the grip (all cast in one with the pommel) to imitate a ferrule (this only occurs with some Type 5 pommels).
Tapered integral ferrule at end of grip nearest blade (see Notes). Shell and knuckle-guard assembly slightly loose; hole drilled though inside of shell; rear quillon removed (could be broken off); at the base of the blade on both sides is a small rectangular sectioned iron packing piece, apparently welded or corroded to the blade; hilt loose on blade.


Dimensions: Overall length: approx. 770 mm (30 3/16 in.), Blade length, back edge by hilt to tip: 633 mm (24 15/16 in.), Blade width, at hilt: 31 mm (1.2 in.) Weight: 870 g (11 lb 5 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

On blade, on inside, near hilt, stamped: 'WOOLLEY / DEAKIN'; a running fox or wolf (poorly struck) containing 'WOOLLEY'; broad arrow between 'B' and 'O' (BO).On blade, on outside, near hilt, stamped: crown over '2'; (further up) a running fox or wolf (poorly struck) containing 'WOOLLEY'.



For this pattern of hanger generally and for other examples, see entry for IX.534, under Notes.
For general information on the various firms that incorporated the name of Woolley, see entry for IX.250, under Notes.
For the running fox or wolf mark, found on a number of British military hangers, see entry for IX.373, under Notes.
At March 2003 this was the only type 51 hanger in Store in Leeds with an integral ferrule at the base of the blade. This includes the only other of the 51 which had a type 5 pommel (IX.3696); two more with type 5 pommels and two with possibly type 5 pommels were at that time on display in the White Tower.