Object Title

Sight, telescopic sniping

Sight, telescopic sniping



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Purchased from L.E.I, Wembley.

Physical Description

A telescopic sight of x4 magnification manufactured in aluminium alloy. It has fixed eye relief, and a sliding sunshade over the front of the lens. Elevation and windage drums are situated on the top and left side of the body. The scope is cast integrally with the mount, and has provision in the form of a battery housing and switch to provide reticule illumination for night shooting using a tiny bulb which is screwed into the underside of the scope. The graticule is marked with a sliding scale from 2 to 10 , and the point of aim is a '^' in the centre of the horizontal windage scale. The fixing method to the rifle is by means of a sprung latch. This sight also incorporates a metascope to detect the use of infra-red sources at night. A rubber lens cap is fitted to the front of the body, the whole of which is painted in grey hammer finish


BarrelLength2.4 in


Serial Number 10373

Inscriptions and Marks

Cyrillic lettering on drums and mount


Places Russia


Refer to Janes Infantry Weapons 1993-4 for further technical specifications.