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Centrefire proof gun - By Eley Bros

Centrefire proof gun - By Eley Bros



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Purchased at Christies, 14 July 1993.

Physical Description

A steel breech block of massive construction, this slots into a steel block which is part of the base plate, this block houses the firing mechanism. The barrel of blued steel is screwed into the front of the breech block. The pressure testing mechanism consists of two vents in the breech block, inserted in which are two small pistons and a swivel clamp on top of the breech, secured in place by a central screw tightened by a lever. The trigger mechanism is a simple spring loaded hammer operated by a lanyard. The whole is mounted on a heavy steel baseplate, drilled at each corner to be secured to a bench


OverallLength991 mm


Serial Number None visible


12 bore

Inscriptions and Marks

Top of breech: Choke .722 Eley Bros Ltd Makers. London. 12 bore 2 1/2' 10/11