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Physical Description

Small, leaf-shaped blade of diamond section. Ribbed moulding below head and short ribbed socket. Fitted with modern haft, now broken; formerly mended with a sheet of metal nailed into place.


Dimensions: Length overall: 5160 mm (189.5 in), length of head: 230 mm (9 in), length of langets: 360 mm (14.25 in) Weight: 7 lb 7 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

Head: marked on either side with mark resembling two interlocked Vs.


Places Italy


The Typed Inventory records that this pike was on loan to the Maison Dieu, Dover (Loan L1), and was returned 13/10/1979.
In July 1993 this pike was given a new number VII.3897 (now removed and register ammended accordingly), presumably because the original number (pinned to the haft) was overlooked. The provenance was given in the STAR entry (before amendment, 10/09/.02) as 'Found un-numbered in the Brick Tower, 1993. First registered in Conservation, 03/07/1993, AK'. The register entry for VII.3897 describes it as 'Pike, 17th cent., British (in two broken sections)' and the STAR entry originally read 'Haft broken - in two sections (labelled A & B)', but only one section bearing this number (and not labelled either A or B) was found during Leeds unpacking (1997). What is probably the other part was found bearing the disc VII.4064, described as 'haft of staff weapon' in the register and as 'cavalry lance haft' on STAR. As its association with VII.1168 (VII.3897) is not absolutely certain, the number VII.4064 has been allowed to stand, but the register and STAR entries have been ammended and cross-indexed. It looks as if the two sections of VII.1162 were found, renumbered VII.3897 but only one half given a disc and the other half was subsequently renumbered for a second time VII.4064 (PJL, 14/03/1997 and 10/09/02). Location records for VII.1168 before March 1997 will be found under VII.3897.