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Dimensions: Length of head: 464 mm (18.25 in), length of langets: 216 mm (8.5 in)


Places Britain


Similar to VII.380 not seen on visit in 90s so zero valuation.
The Typed Inventory has a pencilled note 'On loan to Windsor' but no record of this could be found in the loan files. This spontoon has never had any computer location so has not been seen for some considerable time. It is possible that this object is still in the collection but that it has been given another number. The details in the Typed Inventory are not sufficiently detailed to enable it to be identified among the large number of weapons of this pattern now in the collection. It was therefore decided it would have to be located as Lost. (see e-mails to and from David Blackmore - copies to be placed on inv. file) (PJL, 15/01/03). Found on loan to Windsor CAstle, 17/9/03, DJB.