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Bowyer Tower, armour shelf 66

Physical Description

Comprising skull, bevor and gorget plate at front and rear. A pivoting peak (IV.1672) is associated. The skull is rounded and made in two pieces joined in a low comb turned to the left and riveted at the nape and at the brow by an extenally flush rivet. The face-opening dips at the centre of the brow with an inward-turned edge and curves down at each side in a concave profile. The edges are bordered by seven round-headed rivets at the brow and three extenally flush modern brass rivets at each side. Low at the right sid eof the face-opening is a plain swivel hook which engages a staple on the bevor _ The bevor is shaped to the chin and pivots over the skull attached at each side by a modern threaded screw and nut. The curved face-opening has an inward-turned edge bordered by eight round head rivets of which three are brass and the remainder are iron. TRhe missing lining was secured by a rivet low at each side. _ The base of the helmet is flanged to accommodate a front and rear gorget plate. Each is attached by four rivets. Each gorget plate is embossed to simulate two lames and deepens tro an obtuse point at the centre The main edges have inward turns bordered by twelve round-headed rivets at the front and seventeen such rivets at the rear. At the centre of each plaate are three decorative rivets arranged in a triangle. _ A plume-holder is attached by a single rivet at each side of the nape of the helmet. A hole is pierced at the centre of the comb is for securing the plumes. _ Each main edge is bordered by a double incised line. Bright.

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Places Netherlands


To this helmet is attached an associated peak, IV.1672