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Bowyer Tower, Armour shelf 66

Physical Description

Comprising skull, bevor and gorget plate at front and rear. A pivoting peak is missing. The skull is rounded and made in two pieces joined in a low comb turned to the left and riveted at the nape and at the brow with an externally flush rivet. The face-opening is straight across the brow, with an inward turned edge, curves round the temples and decends at each side in a slightly convex profile. The edges are bordered by sixteen externally flush lining rivets of which one at the left side is missing and one at each temple has broken through. Low at the right side of the face-opening is a rivet hole for the attachment of a leather strap to secure the beaver. A corresponding rivet-hole on the right is occupied by a staple, possibly working life, for the engagement of a large swivel-hook on the beaver. _ The beaver is shaped to the chin and pivots over the skull attached at each side by a modern threaded screw and nut and an external 'Mary-Quant-Flower' shaped washer. The curved face-opening has an inward turned edge bordered by ten later brass round-headed rivets with circular internal washers. _ The base of the helmet is flanged to accomodate a front and rear gorget plate. Each is attached by a later brass round-headed rivet at each side and (incorrectly?) at the centre Each gorget plate is embossed to simulate two lames and deepens to an absolute point at the centre. The main edges have inward turns bordered by eleven round-headed brass rivets at the front and ten such rivets at the rear. At the centre of each plate is a pair of horizontally-alligned decorative round-headed brass rivets. _ A plain plume-holder is attached by these rivets at each side to the nape of the helmet. A large hole pierced at the centre of the comb is for securing the plumes. _ Each main edge is bordered by a single incised line. Bright.

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Places Netherlands