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About 1480

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From the collection of Beriah Botfield at Norton Hall. Presented by the National Art Collections Fund in 1942. Reaccessioned as III.2256 after being found in Middle Flint Tower in 1987. From the composite Gothic armour formerly on loan to Dover Castle

Physical Description

Formed of a central main plate to which are attached two hinged side plates. The main plate is shaped to the shoulders, with an outward turn at either arm. There is a low, flat opening for the neck, bordered by a pair of flutes dipping to a chevron at the centre. The side pieces are attached by modern hinges, and their arm edges continue the outward turns. Across the base of all three plates is a recessed border, swelling in a gradual curve to the centre, where the original waist plate overlapped the backplate. At the centre of each side plate on the recessed border is a rivet plate on the recessed border is a rivet hole for the turning pins to hold the waist plate, and one of the two holes at the centre of the main plate is for a stud. Each shoulder of the main plate has been broken off, overlapped by about 1 cm, riveted and brazed back on, and fitted with a modern buckle. The pair of rivet holes for the original shoulder strap, now filled, can be seen on the line of the brazing.


Dimensions: Height: 31.5 cm Width: 33.1 cm Weight: 5 lb. 14 oz.

Bibliographic References

I.D.D. Eaves and T. Richardson, 'The Treytz Armour of Gaudenz Von Matsch at Schloss Churburg', The Journal of The Arms and Armour Society, vol.XIII,supplement, September 1990, pp.1-22, p.10.


Was reaccessioned as III.2566, for previous locations see record for III.2566. Lent to Dover Castle, as part of a composite armour, until 1981, together with III.2561-5 and III.2573-4.
The backplate was separated from the wasitplate and culet lames III.2566 B 2 December 1989.
The backplate is of the hinged type, comparable with III.1294 by Caspar Rieder, c.1495, and Churburg 31 by Hans Prunner. The waistplate is similar to III.1284 by ?Jorg Treytz, c.1585 (part of Churburg 24) but the culet probably restored.