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Closed burgonet

Closed burgonet



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From the collection of Dr R Williams, 1974. Supposedly from the armoury of the Knights of St John of Malta, then in the MacNaughton collection, but not in the sale catalogue Sotheby's 15 December 1935 (actually 1939, said by Williams to be lot 14 there).

Physical Description

It has a two-piece skull joined in a flat riveted seam bordered by double incised lines. The pivoted peak is engraved with a Maltese cross over incised lines running up the centre. The visor covers most of the face, and has a slight cut-out at the upper edge which may have originally formed the sight. It is pierced with sad, downcast eyes and a short mouth. Low at the right is a pierced stud, but the matching swivel hook is missing. The bevor has three rivet holes at the right. There are plain single gorget plates at the front and rear, the main edges with plain inward turns. The subsidiary edges are bordered with single incised lines. It is painted black, with a gold painted Maltese cross and eye liner.


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Places Italy


Similar in some ways to Savoyard