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Fragment of body armour

Fragment of body armour



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Bowyer Tower, Armour Bay 4 (1992).

Physical Description

It comprises a single, rectangular plate of silicon-nickel steel, designed to protect the upper part of the abdomen. It has rounded corners and is curved to the body. At either side of its upper edge is pierced a pair of holes for sewing it to a webbing strap which formerly connected it to a main plate with a pair of shoulder-plates above, and two abdominal plates below.
It is blackened.


Dimensions: Height: 126 mm (5.0 in), width: 375 mm (2.8 in), depth: 70 mm (92.8 in) Weight: Kg ( lb oz)

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Places Germany


Bashford Dean, 'Helmets and Body Armour in Modern Warfare', New Haven, London and Oxford, 1920, pp. 142-6 and figs 98-100, dicusses this type of armour in some detail. He records that German troops were first reported rearing it in 1916-17, and that an improved version was introduced in 1917.