Object Title

Matchlock carbine (teppo)

Matchlock carbine (teppo)



Object Number



Amnesty 1988, Hertfordshire Police, No.22.

Physical Description

Large bore gun of the type used for launching fire arrows. The barrel is round in section with a top sighting flat terminating in an octagonal muzzle then necking down to a ring moulding. There are three sights, a plain triangular section fore-sight and two block shaped rear sights, both with inverted T-slots running across them. Decorating the barrel are five raised Tokugawa mon in gilded copper, of random sizes, randomly placed. Between the sights are two characters inlaid in silver that can be read as 'abyss' or perhaps 'whirlpool'. Fitted to the barrel is a small flash-pan lined with brass and a flash guard of brass screwed to it with a cheese head screw. The original pan cover is missing; part of a new pan cover is attached.
The stock is of red oak of rectangular section in the fore-end but rounded in the middle for the hand. At the rear it tapers to a diminutive pistol grip. The original lock and trigger are missing, a modern piece of brass has been cut to fit the lock cavity and a replacement serpentine and a piece of brass rod are stored inside. An examination of the cavity shows the lock originally had a spiral internal mainspring and was held in position be a screw through a brass bushed hole under the stock that fastened into a plate that protruded from the lockplate. The ramrod is missing.


Dimensions: Length of barrel is 69.3 cm, 4.1 cm across the muzzle with a bore of 1.83cm. The stock is 103.6 cm long.

Inscriptions and Marks

None other than the name 'abyss'.


Places Japan,