Object Title

Matchlock carbine (teppo)

Matchlock carbine (teppo)



Object Number



Amnesty 1988, Greater Manchester Police, No.15.

Physical Description

The lock is a forward acting brass snap matchlock with external spring having a pierced circular protrusion which covers the nose of the conventional horizontal scear where it protrudes through the lockplate. Internally the inletting of the wood shows that the gun was origionally fitted with a lock having an internal coil spring.
The round section barrel has very little taper and swells slightly to the muzzle. On top is a sighting flat. The block foresight has a transverse slot and vertical hole in it whilst the block rearsight has a transverse inverted T-slot. At sopme point the barrel has been decorated with a scene of rocks and a waterfall in gold and silver zogan, some of the lines being inlaid in silver. Near the breech is a single character or more likely a kao.
The stock is of plain dark oak with bamboo barrel pegs fitted into plain holes. At the rear it terminates in a recurved grip rather than the conventional pistol grip. All the other holes are bordered by plain brass washers.


Dimensions: Overall length 101 cm, length of barrel 68.5 cm. Weight: Total weight is 4.42 kg.


18.5 mm equivalent to 10 momme

Inscriptions and Marks

There is an inscription beneath the stock behind the barrel band which gives the date to the 9th year of the zodiacal cycle, probably 1872, and mentions the '1138th ban Hiroshima'. Under the barrel is the maker's signature 'Hisanori' ?. Under the barrel are four horizontal file marks.


Places Japan,


This is obviously a gun that has been refurbished on several occasions. An identical gun is in the Tokugawa Art Museum, Nagoya (see their catalogue) that has the same replced lock as this. The relatively thin walled barrel and large bore suggests a special purpose.