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Miquelet lock musket

Miquelet lock musket



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Found Middle Flint Tower 6 July 1993.

Physical Description


The entire lock is decorated with narrow beaded borders of gold with stylized gold leaves inside the frames thus formed. The bridle linking the frizzen to the cock is elaborately shaped with a sunk circular poincon in the middle. The top jaw scew terminates in a large ring.


Is of a pale hardwood with a pronounced 'fiddle-back' grain. At the butt is a large block of plain ivory separated from the wood by a narrow band of green stained ivory (mostly missing). The pentagonal stock has none of the usual decoration of brass pins, instead, it is elaborately inlaid with large shaped plaques of massive silver, chiseled and inlaid with strapwork and foliage in gold on a stippled ground. The manner of the decoration is that of 17th c Europe. Below the stock is a pricker attached by a gold chain that is now too short to fit into its tubular holder. The barrel is held by 3 silver bands decorated in gold like the other stock furniture.

Is octagonal of watered steel slightly etched to show the structure. At the breech, and at the swelling muzzle, is an area heavily chiseled with strapwork and foliage on a gilt ground. The barrel has the usual large standing rear sight, the fore sight being missing. The bore is cut with seven grooved rifling.


Dimensions: The overall length of the gun is 1480 mm, the length of the barrel being 1152 mm. Weight: The weight of the gun is 7.65 kg.


The bore of the gun is 19 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Circular mark on the bridle of the lock with Turkish script.


Places Turkey


Similar to XXVIF.200. This gun is of the highest quality and very European in its decoration. A similar gun, but with brass inlaid decoration, is in the Dresden Museum.