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Mail shirt (zereh)

Mail shirt (zereh)



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Found New Armouries Attic, 5 July 1993.

Physical Description

The shirt is of alternating welded and riveted links, the former being swaged to a triangular section. The riveted links, of smaller diameter that the welded ones, are of rather thin round wire. The shirt has long sleeves with the cuffs cut off at an angle. Much of the front, and the waist region are fragmentary. At the neck, there are 6 rows threaded with a pale brown leather.


Dimensions: The distance from cuff to cuff is 1560 mm, the distance from the shoulder to the remaining lower edge is 680 mm and the width across the shirt under the armpits is 580 mm. The larger welded links in the body are approximately 11 mm, those in the lower part being 9 mm, the riveted links being 9 mm. Weight: The weight of the shirt on its plywood support is 7.6 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks