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Rimfire breech-loading target pistol - Model 1911

Rimfire breech-loading target pistol - Model 1911



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Physical Description

For training purposes, and described as a semi automatic pistol, though is in fact a single shot pistol. In size and weight it is nearly identical to the .32 semi-automatic pistol. The pistol is constructed of three main components; barrel, slide, and main body. The barrel is fitted with a blade foresight, semi circular in shape. A groove is machined in the top for approx two thirds of its length, towards the rear and through the top of the breech, this accommodates the extractor bar, the extractor bar has a grooved thumb piece that is used to push the extractor to the rear. The barrel is formed round at the front, for the first 1.75 in from the front, then it changes to a square at the bottom, back to the breech. The bottom of the barrel is grooved to fit into grooves machined in the main body. A notch is cut across the base of the barrel, which is used to lock the barrel in place, the trigger guard top locks into this notch securing the barrel.
The slide is grooved internally down its length, it has a bridge at the front, and the rear houses the striker which is off-set at 12 'o'clock, the striker and spring are secured by a pin transversely through the slide. The rear of the slide is machined with eight grooves vertically, to provide the grip for the slide. A groove is machined horizontally across the top rear, to hold the notched blade rear sight.
The main body comprises the frame to which is fixed the trigger, the trigger guard, the grips and the hammer. The trigger guard pivots at the top front, and is used to dismantle the pistol, the two position safety is located at the top left of the pistol grips, which are made of black bakelite composition. They are secured by two screws, one each side. The hammer is pivoted at the rear and has a large flat face, and a grooved rounded top, it has a round hole drilled through from side to side. The bottom of the frame is grooved to accommodate a shoulder stock. A plate is screwed at the top of the frame to cover the hole in the frame where the magazine would normally be.


BarrelLength4.3 in
BarrelLength110 mm
OverallLength160 mm
OverallWeight0.585 kg


Serial Number 118468


.22 in LR

Inscriptions and Marks

Left side of slide: Webley & Scott trademark, LONDON & BIRMINGHAM followed by SAFE, followed by a crown/MPright side of the slide, stamped: .22 RIM FIRE. LONG.left side of frame, below the hammer pin: 118468barrel has the proof and view marks at top rear right and a view stamp on the top right of the slide