Object Title

Sword and Scabbard

Sword and Scabbard



Object Number


Physical Description

Brass hilt, lion head pommel, and asscociated black scabbard with brass mounts.


Places Britain


The scabbard appears to be associated because the blade is too long for it.
The following scabbards are of the same pattern, but those with swords appear not to belong to them. The pattern of sword to which this pattern of scabbard belongs has not yet been identified but it may well be a band sword.
IX.7210 - presently accessioned with (but not belonging to) an Oxford Militia band sword. The sword is too long for the scabbard and the Royal Armouries has a number of scabbards for the Oxford Militia band swords which are of all of brass (see entry for IX.384, under Notes). See also observation by PGS in entries for IX.7210 and 7211 that the scabbards are also of the wrong curvature for the blades.
IX.7211 - presently accessioned with (but not belonging to - see above) an Oxford Militia band sword: incomplete - upper section only survives; IX.4159 (chape and section of leather only) is probably from the same scabbard.
IX.7859 - detached scabbard of this type.
IX.4159 - chape and small piece of leather only - see under IX.7211 above.