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Upper plate of a shoulder defence (kanuri no ita)

Upper plate of a shoulder defence (kanuri no ita)



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Found, NAAC, June 1993.

Physical Description

The iron plate is long and trapezoid. It is angled inwards along the length of its lower edge, then down again to form a stepped flange at the bottom. The flange is pierced with three groups of three holes at the front, middle and rear, for the attachment of the top row of scales of the sode, the kanemono and the three internal suspension loops. The main, upper part of the plate narrows towards the rear, has rounded off but quite angular corners, and is curved inwards along its length. It is fitted with a copper alloy rim (fukurin) attached by three tiny copper rivets, shaped with two scallops and a low cusp at either end, and decorated along its length with three sprays of scrollling foliage incised on a very finely punched fish-roe ground. The fukurin retains fragments of stencilled blue and white doe skin on the outside, and fragments of thin blue leather under plain doe skin lining inside.


Dimensions: length 365 mm (14.4 in), height 75 mm (3.0 in) Weight: The weight of the plate is 0.02 kg.

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Places Japan


The angular corners and longituinal rounding of this plate indicate a 15th-century Muromachi period date, but the does the decoration on the 'fukurin' suggests it has been reused at a later date.