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Brigandine (karkal)

Brigandine (karkal)



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From the collection of Dr R Williams, 1974. Formerly in the Bartel collection, sold Sotheby's 12 December 1952; the lot comprised 'a rare brigandine...and two similar fragments in glazed case'.

Physical Description

It comprises a back with two fragmentary skirts, and fragments of either front and the left skirt. It is formed of trapezoidal iron plates riveted inside a coat of green velvet (possibly black in its original state), lined with canvas. Each plate is attached by a rosette formed of seven rivets at the centre, and rivets all around the periphery. The back is formed of nine columns of plates, overlapping away from the centre, and either front of five columns of plates.
The whole is in a rather fragmentary state. Each front portion is broken into two below the arm opening. It was nailed to a board and framed when acquired, and was detached in 1993.


Dimensions: The length from collar to hem is 620 mm, the width of the back below the arms is 690 mm. Weight: The weight of the object on its ply base is 4.2 kg.


Places Turkey


In the MS catalogue of the Williams collection this appears as 'brigandine - a complete jazerant back and front framed and glazed'.